Back then, 21 was the legal age for drinking hard liquor and 18 was the age for beer and wine. In Hollywood, DeFore's first screen appearance was in a bit part in 1936's Reunion. I checked and Bobby was not credited with an appearance on Bewitched.

Now that I have purchased the entire series I can watch them anytime I want to. I had no idea he had ever lived in Whittier. I wonder how much did he write in his book about the show?! I read an article that stated Bobby Buntrock was riding a motorcycle when he was killed. Donald John DeFore (August 25, 1913 – December 22, 1993) was an American actor. 300 feet from my house. I must say that I was rather surprised to learn that Paul had passed away. So sad about little Harold and i am sure the rest of the cast grieved deeply.

[21], Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary, Chicago and North Western Transportation Company, Best Supporting Actor in a Regular Series, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, "Don DeFore, Iowan In Hollywood, Still Has Corn-Fed Look", "Actor Don DeFore dies; he was Ozzie's neighbor", "Marion Holmes DeFore, who toured with big bands and recorded "I'm a Little Teapot", was 93", "Actor Don DeFore Dies; Played Mr. B on 'Hazel, Don DeFore Official Fan Site –,, American entertainment industry businesspeople, Burials at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, 20th-century American non-fiction writers, People from Mandeville Canyon, Los Angeles, Internet Broadway Database person ID same as Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 September 2020, at 05:57.

Later In Life (While having Finished a Tribute to Shirley Booth Published in Classic Images much, much later) I got an Introduction through her Maid/Assistant. Did you know his Sister, Stella? Thanks for your post about Bobby Buntrock.

I think that he does more talking than the other kid who is playing with the other "Robot". And besides, a smart Actor should be wise enough not to discuss either subject. Was wondering if anyone knows if that was someone from her (Shirley's) personal life? We were headed to a dance in Hill City on the night of the big Black Hills flood. I think that the Photo on "HAZEL'S" Nightstand is a prop. Of course we will never know.

He could have his first Legal Drink. I just happened across this site while trying to find out why Hazel switched families. I was in the Air Force and stationed at Ellsworth AFB 1972-1973 and was having some drinks at the Black Forest Inn on a date I don't remember. [12], From 1961 to 1965, DeFore was a co-star of the television series Hazel as "Mr. .. [15], DeFore married singer Marion Holmes (January 21, 1918 - November 17, 2011) on February 14, 1942. Great interplay among the actors, and you could believe they really cared about each other. Her husband died long before "HAZEL" got started. As a veteran and a fan, I salute him and wish that there was an acknowledgement of his service on his grave site. I am watching Hazel right now as I am writing this post.

The actors real families most likely were just like yours. Do you have a picture of you and your company that included Bobby? It's a shame that that person went off on you like that.

I am such a fan of the show: "HAZEL". Sad thing about Hollywood is once you have served their purpose, they are done with you, especially with many child stars like Julia. I can only assumed that it made him very sad and upset. I recently saw a commercial (in b/w) from 1964 for the toy Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. So I'll make this alot shorter. I could see how it could have happened with Whitney, being that sometimes he had more lines than she did.

Though she was a Co-creator of the show: "ONE DAY AT A TIME", I didn't know that until maybe a couple of years ago. In 1946, exhibitors voted him the fourth-most promising "star of tomorrow".[9]. Sad. This is in response to an e*-mail that was sent to me. And speaking about politics, what about Don?

It saddens me to read of their loss, let alone at such a young age. Y&R Report (February 28, 2015): The Latest on the ... Bobby Buntrock: The tragic death of Hazel's Harold. Those were the days! I am a conservative female and love that Don Defore supported Mr. Reagan. [15] His remains are interred at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles. The only thing that gets to me is when I think about the fact that almost all of the actors I'm watching are now dead! He died tragically, however, over 40 years ago, at the age of 21,  Th... On television, the Nelsons were billed as "America's favourite family." I have always enjoyed the television program Hazel and the characters that inhabited that show. The series ran on prime time until 1966, when it was canceled by NBC.

When you look at her face boy can you see the resemblance!

From 1954 to 1955, he served as president of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Paul also hold another area of notice on "HAZEL".

I think too, that it is just a shame that we, the fans, don't have more info about "Bobby Buntrock". "THE REED ESTATE", I understand, is trying to get the remaining SEASONS released.

He was very level headed and we lived to tell the tale, despite flood waters that knocked our vehicle off the highway and having to cross swiftly moving, debris filled creeks, turned rivers, on foot. It was left out because... it's not true. in 1938, when Oscar Hammerstein II offered to take it to Broadway, and DeFore and five of the original cast members went along. They all did! enjoy this show.Who own the dog Smiely?I like that dog as well. I loved both Baxter families. I am 60 years old, and enjoyed Hazel as a child. and his accident occurred on a bridge there. AZ is my home now, I guess. [11] In time, though, the role of Thorny was superseded by Lyle Talbot as Joe Randolph, and Mary Jane Croft as his wife Clara. We had traveled across that area many times. He finished High School and went on to College.

Don't know if this is true or not but it is so sad that he died at such a young age. This is not YOUR forum, and you don't make the rules about what should be discussed. The rights to the show Hazel were owned by Booth alone. Not to shut down the lines of communication on those who obviously added zest to this blog. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Whatever happend to Kristin Harmon Nelson? But I was so young and many shows that I saw back then we're in parts, bits, and pieces. Two players - each plays tries to knock the head off of the opposing player's robot - just like boxing. "Me" TV is showing the series in Los Angeles. I am 59 and record and watch Hazel show. I was also a member of the South Dakota National Guard in the late 1970’s. Thank you for sharing your post. Thank you for your service. It was presented in a little theater in Hollywood with DeFore in the cast. During this time, four fellow students and he wrote a play called Where Do We Go From Here?

It happened on the same bridge where his mother died in a car accident. One reason for the confusion for Bobby being on Circus Boy is the resemblance to Mickey Dolenz.

Only his family would know what he may have wanted to do. I haven't read any of his books, but I'm not always so interested in gossipy rumors as I am fun trivia. I loved Hazel and all of the actors. She must have been asked tons of questions through the years about the show. Due to salary disagreements, CBS made the mistake of letting DeFore & Blake go. They are all missed!!!

After Bobby retired from acting in 1967 until the time of his death in 1974, very little has been written about his life. Any info at all would be appreciated. He died in 1951, well before Hazel came to television.

It is a shame that the person who manages this blog did not intervene but I guess that due to freedom of speech she allowed it. May all of them continue to REST IN PEACE WITH OUR LORD. So sad to hear about Bobby Buntrock death. Just wanted to add that I enjoy watching Hazel on DVD every afternoon after work! I love all the old shows Antenna TV plays. But what a wonderful story the person shared says a lot about his character!

Thanks for all the comments that celebrate his life and mourn his untimely death. I was thinking about Bobby Buntrock as I was watching and decided to google his name....I was so surprised and sad to learn he passed away at such a young age and in such a tragic way. Two days ago I saw an episode of "MANNIX", titled: "COFFIN FOR A CLOWN". It looked so promising for Max Baer, Jr.   After all, he starred on one of the most popular shows on American television. No matter what "SHIRLEY BOOTH" had done career wise, she will always be remembered as "HAZEL" to her fans. In one of the episode "GUS" does appear.

Sorry to learn the circumstances of Bobby Buntrock's death. It was Micky Dolenz who was the child star in Circus Boy. I thank all you actors, I once thought I would like to be an actress, but no I did not have what it takes, so THANK YOU BOBBY BUNTROCK, AND ALL THE OTHER ACTORS AND ACTRESSES WHO DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES, so folks like me can enjoy these wonderful programs. So many people are gone it will be easy for me to leave this earth when my time comes. [16] Holmes performed with the Henry Busse Orchestra from 1935 to 1939, and later with Art Kassel and his "Castles in the Air" from 1939 until their marriage. I don't know anything regarding animosity between cast members, but one small correction.

We all know that he left Acting and lived a relatively private life. Great stories from those who served with him too. I remember him from Ozzie & Harriet and he was in a film titled "It Happened on 5th Avenue" that is really fun. If there was trouble on "HAZEL" we'll probably never know about it. DeFore and Blake made me feel to believe they were a husband and wife as where Fulmer and Borden felt very unbelievable vanilla as a married couple I didn't buy it it was to cold and very over rehearsed. It seems so odd that Bobby Jo survived the flood which killed hundreds of people only to perish in one of the same creeks less than 2 years later. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? [2], A long-time Republican, DeFore supported Barry Goldwater in the 1964 United States presidential election[20] and was a delegate at the 1980 Republican National Convention. And he was probably getting a nice tidy sum of money from his Acting Career. To leave Hazel and Harold without an ending does "feel like abandonment".

Perhaps she wants to maintain her privacy. I've thought about moving back to my hometown but with jobs it's the same as when I left and there are none.

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