After re-leveling them to 40 and combining them, I ended up with an Assault version yay. There is a lot of info in the crafting guide about how rolls work.

- The type determine the maximum stats of the equipment, - The type determine the growth rate of its stats, There are 8 types, one for most of the stats: HP, ATK, MAG, DEF, SPR, ACC, AVD, CRIT. Maxing a stat do NOT give you more probability to get +6 ATK with your rolls, it raise the probability of the pity roll, so to have +1 ATK.

For example, for the Nagnarok sword, HP will always grow by +2 per "hit", Attack by 4, Magic by 3, Accuracy by 1, and Evade by 1 when a level is "hit".

I can already tell you that.Is +1 or +2 even worth it? Also hammers are more generic, while books are specific to a weapon type (or armor/accessory), a hammer can be used on any equipment (but some stats may be more interesting than others), You can get a hammer each week if you play a little the arena PVP, and the monthly Arena Milestone of April gives you 3 of each hammer if you participate enough…, (remember you can skip the arena battle in the menu in the top-right corner, so you can get rid of your 5 arena/day very fast if you don't like to see your Mont throwing rocks). Once a stat has been maxed, it seems you do not roll anymore for the stat. Those books are the most valuable resources for crafting from what I have heard, you can buy them with Arena and PVP medals, they are cheaper with PVP medals. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,

Some will happen naturally while playing so go ahead and take them. We need 3 hammers to fill up HP, and we will get back 8,58 ATK on average, I tought it was far worse than that before the data mining !

More meta gems.

There is always a type specified when you check the details of a weapon or armor, for example: Assault - ATK increase more easily. Early game, you should buy the N equipment for any unit type that you use. Please check the Equipment database or a wiki if you want to know the available types of an equipment and its stats. Most crafted equipment has two or three possible types of the following available.

Anyway, you should either focus on ATK/MAG (for weapons) or on the strong point of the equipment. When all the stats fail to increase, you still get an increase of a flat +1 in a stat, this is what we'll call the pity growth. Assault and Magical type swap the priority with its main stat: ATK or MAG > HP > others stats. Last Updated: 2020/2/28 06:46. If you want to try for a couple of extras to get the right subclass it's usually not that hard. First, visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth - just ask a guard, and learn Apprentice Jewelcrafting. Just put them on AH. I got a (Vital) Hermes Sandal and I don't know if having a + for it will be good, as it will increase the passive and a chance to change the type as well. 0.31 * (1-0.38)*(1-0.04)*(1-0.05) = 17,5%.

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