[24][25] The Yarra Riverkeeper Association or YRKA for short view the Yarra River as Melbourne's greatest natural asset and educate that its preservation and restoration is vital in helping Melbourne become a sustainable city. From the earliest years of settlement, the mid and upper reaches of the Yarra began to be used for recreation. The river enters Melbourne's suburbs proper at Chirnside Park, but virtually all the river's length is surrounded by parkland, much retaining (or having been replanted with) extensive native vegetation. It is adjacent to the Melbourne suburbs of Port Melbourne and Williamstown. Other diversions include The Island cutting in Warrandyte and the Little Peninsula Tunnel and Big Peninsula Tunnel near McMahons Creek. On the southern side of the river near exists a number of university and private school rowing clubs who use the river for recreational sports. [citation needed], Sections of the river mouth and the area around the former West Melbourne Swamp were widened in the late 19th century, to make way for docks, harbours, bridges and other infrastructure. The Yarra River is colloquially known as "the upside down river", for its golden hue. It is approximately 280 miles (451 km) long. The river flows into Port Phillip, the site being extensively altered as part of the Port of Melbourne, Australia's busiest seaport. At its most easterly point, it is fed by many small unnamed creeks and streams that begin in the Yarra Ranges within the Yarra Ranges National Park, which are sometimes fed by snowfalls. The Yarra River has a detailed and complex geological history, see "Geology". Initially known as "West Melbourne Dock", over 3 million cubic yards (2.3×10^6 m3) of material was excavated and a new dock was eventually opened in 1892, the material that was removed was subsequently used to fill in part of the West Melbourne Swamp, it took 6 days for water from the Yarra River to fill the dock. Today, the Yarra River is an integral part of our lives and each year attracts millions of visitors – who walk, ride, row, fish or camp along its banks. The city itself stands in a region of alpine forests known as the High Country. The catchment's upper reaches are also affected by logging. Yarra’s named tributaries includes, 42 creeks, 6 rivers and 2 gullies. E. coli concentrations were available since March 2005 (YW data set, Table 1) approximately once a week along the Yarra River and monthly in the tributaries, while discharge is available every hour. Most of its population lives concentrated in the area surrounding Port Phillip Bay, which includes the metropolitan area of its state capital and largest city, Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city. There is a maximum speed limit of 9 kilometres per hour (4.9 kn) for all boats operating on the river. As a result, Melbourne residents receive high quality drinking water. This page was last edited on 6 July 2018, at 22:47. However almost all of the fish are contaminated with heavy metals including arsenic and not fit for human consumption. The Yarra River has about 50 named tributaries; 6 rivers, 42 creeks and 2 gullies. tributaries meant that calibration was difficult. The Jackson Creek is a watercourse of the Port Phillip catchment, located in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria. Upstream of Launching Place the river becomes quite narrow and recreational use is limited. The upper reaches remain relatively healthy. The Melbourne Docklands urban renewal project began in 2000, comprising mixed use residential and commercial land and recreational boating moors along the river at the disused Victoria Docks and also on the southside of the Yarra. Learn about this collaborative, long-term plan to protect our treasured river and its parklands for future generations. Vineyard Creek, a northern tributary of the Parramatta River, is a creek west of Sydney Harbour, located in Sydney, Australia. The average elevation for the Kobuk River Basin is 1,300 feet (400 m) above sea level, ranging from near sea level to 11,400 feet. The Culgoa River is a river that is part of the Darling catchment within the Murray–Darling basin and is located in South West Queensland. The new settlement's main port was sited just downstream of Yarra Falls west of modern-day Queen's Bridge, the place where saltwater met freshwater. Yarra river between Warburton and Warrandyte are considered as Victoria’s heritage river. Victoria is Australia's smallest mainland state and its second-most populous state overall, thus making it the most densely populated state overall. ‘[At the Yarra Riverkeeper Association] our activities include monitoring the health of the Yarra and any developments through our regular boat patrols, water testing, speaking with river stakeholders, running community forums and tours, publicising and educating the public, schools and others while supporting other community groups and authorities that help the river. Stormwater runoff saps the life out of streams and turns them into drains. The Yarra river is a perennial river in east-central Victoria, Australia. It is the point which was once known as "Freshwater Place" and once had a set of cascades which prevented both salt water and larger ships from going further upstream. Shortly after the arrival of European settlers land clearing forced the remaining Wurundjeri to neighbouring territories and away from the river. [26] It has had successful campaigns in pushing for great environmental flows and in 2010 the Riverkeeper Ian Penrose was awarded the 2010 Melbourne Award for contribution to the environment. In the period 2004–08, 3 people died in this manner in Warrandyte alone. At the 2011 census, Warrandyte had a population of 5,520. Around this area there are submerged mining shafts which can cause undertows that suck swimmers under the surface and into these shafts. However it is believed that 'Yarra' means "waterfall", "flow", or refers to running or falling water,[1][2][7] descriptive of any river or creek in the area, not just the Yarra. Learn about the catchment’s major waterways, and the health of key environmental and social values that they support. Thanks to an abundance of native plants and water supply, the wildlife in and around the Yarra River is highly diverse. The river flows atop layers of silt that built up within an ancient river valley around 10,0 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Towards eastern Melbourne is the low-lying mountain ranges known as Dandenong Ranges, 35 km east of the city. The total catchment area is approximately 4,000 square kilometres (1,500 sq mi). Swimming is also popular in the middle reaches throughout winter, particularly around Warrandyte. Did you know: Each year, volunteers spend an incredible 50,000 hours working in parks along the Yarra. Some of the parks you’ll see along the way include: The Yarra has greatly improved since the 1970s and 80s, thanks to an expanding sewerage system servicing Melbourne’s industry and suburbs. The river was then fully dammed at the entrance and exit to the tunnel and water was diverted through 145m and out the other side leaving a 3.85 km of riverbed around Pound Bend exposed to the sun and the miners picks. Its local government area is the City of Manningham. The park features extensive stands of mountain ash, a very tall eucalypt, tree ferns, as well as patches of remnant rainforest. Billabongs are usually formed when the path of a creek or river changes, leaving the former branch with a dead end. In 2004 a reporter for the Age newspaper described it as "arguably the most abused tributary of the Yarra River, and part of the true underside of Melbourne". In 2008, dredging began to deepen the mouth of the Yarra to facilitate the latest 5th Generation Container Ships. The course has been progressively disrupted and the river widened in places. By the 1960s there was a growing awareness of the neglect of the Yarra amongst some residents of Melbourne, spawning various community groups and "friends of..." organisations to protect the remnants of the river's ecology. Manual adjustments to calibration parameters were required to match up peak flows • The modelling of the pumping regime at the Yering pump station proved difficult due to the variable nature of the operation of these pumps and generally resulted in overestimation of extractions from the Yarra River when compared to observed pumping amounts. The Yarra River was an important resource for the Wurundjeri people for around 40,000 years. The Latrobe River is a perennial river of the West Gippsland catchment, located in the West Gippsland region of the Australian state of Victoria. One-third of Victoria’s animal species are found in the Yarra catchment, including: More than 25 unique vegetation communities make their home along the river and its billabongs, wetlands and swamps: For an in-depth look at plant and animal species you might find, view our wildlife guide: In recent decades, developments such as the Victorian Arts Centre, Southbank, the Exhibition Centre, Federation Square and Docklands have transformed the waterfront. The Yarra River hosts a wide range of geographical features, perhaps the most plentiful of which are billabongs, of which there are over 100, particularly in the floodplains near Yering, Yarra Glen and Coldstream. The name Yarra Yarra is said to mean "ever flowing river",[2] but most likely refers to the Yarra Yarra falls which were later dynamited. The lower stretches of the river is where the city of Melbourne was established in 1835 and today Greater Melbourne dominates and influences the landscape of its lower reaches. It hosts a wide range of geographic features including; bends, rapids, lakes, islands, floodplains, billabongs, wetlands, etc. The Yarra River crosses an enormous range of habitats – from pristine forested catchments, to a range of agricultural lands and onto dense urban areas: The stretch of the Yarra River between Warburton and Warrandyte has been identified as a Victorian Heritage River. At the 2016 Census, Hawthorn recorded a population of 23,511. Water is extracted via weirs as well as a 1000 ML/d pumping station in the mid Yarra (Yering Gorge Pumping Station). Swanson Dock was constructed between 1966 and 1972 equipped for modern container shipping. Koonung Creek is a small tributary of the Yarra River in Melbourne's east. Many names for small rivers are specific to geographic location; examples are "run" in some parts of the United States, "burn" in Scotland and northeast England, and "beck" in northern England. The river flows from its source in the Yarra Ranges 242 kilometres (150 mi) west through the Yarra … Draining a basin with an area of 12,300 square miles (32,000 km2), the Kobuk River is among the largest rivers in northwest Alaska with widths of up to 1500 feet and flow at a speed of 3–5 miles per hour in its lower and middle reaches. Of their contact with local Wurunderi people in 1835, John Wedge wrote:[8]. Some suggest[who?] List of mayors and lord mayors of Melbourne, https://melbourne.fandom.com/wiki/Yarra_River?oldid=4746. This industrialisation also led to a steady deterioration in water quality during the 19th century and into the 20th. The city reach which is inaccessible to larger watercraft, has seen increased use for both transport and recreational boating (including kayaking, canoeing, rowing and swimming).

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