Interpretation: you threw away all that you have acquired with hard work just because you heard about freebies Interpretation: When a young child is growing up physically, possessively or spiritually, human beings will start to envy and hates you. The head of the house died, the house becomes empty. It’s not like the rich is born with gold in their hands or born wearing fancy clothes, we are born the same way -naked with nothing After scouring the web for the best proverbs, we have created a list of 50 Yoruba proverbs … He who throws a stone in the market will hit his relative. When your neighbor’s horse falls into a pit, you should not rejoice at it, for your own child may fall into it too. 12. Usage: it is often used at a time of misunderstanding between two or more friends. The young cannot teach tradition to the old. How do you Deal with Children with Anxiety? 1. When you get to understand the literal translation of Yoruba proverbs and the meaning derived, you would see that the. They were created the same way you were; you are just being fortunate. Interpretation: in this proverb, a child is considered to be a wealthy person while the slave is considered to be a very poor fellow. Which is why the priests consult the Oracle every 5 days. Not everyone wants you to attain great heights especially those whom you used to be their subjects or slaves. Ìbí ò júbí, b’aṣe b’ẹ́rú lá b’ọ́mọ. I am sure you all know that “Owe Yorùbá” are enormous. Those who die through ignorance are many; those who die because they are intelligent are few. Let’s look at some yoruba proverbs… Stretch your hands as far as they reach, grab all you can grab. As part of Yoruba funerary rites, a chicken is sacrificed to clear evil forces off the way of the deceased's spirit. This page. Usage: it is used as a warning for an arrogant wealthy child that looks down on the poor ones and consider them as slaves. When the white man is about to leave a garden for good, he wrecks it. Interpretation: eyes in this context is referring to something valuable to us. The proverb is reminding him that he’s only fortunate to be who and what he is today, not because he’s born with golds and silver in his hands and so his current position can be given to someone else -the poor. If a big masquerade claims it doesn’t see the smaller masquerade, the small masquerade will also claim it doesn’t see the big masquerade. Maybe someone is facing a hard time in life, such a person can be consoled by telling him that the bad phase will not last forever. Translation: A Child does not know how to eat pap without making a stain on his hand. It is head fish uses to swim through water. When the rain falls in the valley, the hill gets angry. Literal translation: just by the sound of cloudy rain, you poured away all your water in the drum Usage: this is proverb is often used in a situation whereby a person who wants to be successful in life is not willing or ready to take on petty jobs or start small. Things will soon change for the better. Literal translation: it is due to the rain that made a “mud house” (alapa) vulnerable to goats. Thus, this proverb interpreted eyes as something or someone that will stand by you through difficult and good time for a very long time, should not be creating problems for you or wanting to leave you at a very near time. Only what you have combated for will last. This article, therefore, is aimed at providing you with different Yorùbá proverbs (owe Yorùbá), its literal translation and its contextual interpretation. Translation: When a king’s palace burns down, the re-built palace turns out even to be more beautiful. Fear a silent man. Usage: this is also used as a warning for a growing man to be careful of who discuss your life with. A great affair covers up a small matter. Interpretation: This means that when there are no elders or experienced leaders/guidance to make corrections or guide the young ones, things will get destroyed. [Back to text] 19. Hardship here and there would definitely yield a broken personality. This page, The Yiddish proverb says that the door of success is marked "push" and "pull. Attend to a small problem before it becomes bigger and more difficult to handle, Proverb: Iy’o wu mi e wue, oun e, ni mu omo iya meji jeun ototo, Translation: It is differences in likes and dislikes that make two brothers eat separately, Meaning: One man’s food is another’s poison and every human has traits unique to them, Pls translate this proverb, Tani Esinsin o ba GBE nbiba selegbo, Please i need english translation for”a o ti je ekuru kotan enikan tun wa n gbon owore si awo, you shouldnt have written hundred when its not, please translate this , lowelowe lanlulu agidigbo ologbon lonjo ,Omaran lohunma,Ewe koko niwonfise gomugomu ilu ,Afoju niolu Aditi niojo besini ilu naa kogbudoyaa, please complete this proverb: abule ni mu aso looto, What is the English translation of this proverb Omo Toso Ile nu,Apo Iya losoko, Kini itumo ati oyinbo owe yi, gele o dun bi kaa moowe , ka moowe ko da bi koyeni. 4. A Buffalo is an animal always at alert and security conscious. Literal translation: someone we were supposed to trade for a lantern, he now became the person whom we wake up early and light up to see. A proverb is the horse that can carry one swiftly to the discovery of ideas. The majority of the Yoruba speak the Yoruba language, which is tonal, and is the Niger-Congo language with the largest number of native speakers. In other words it is a saying that can’t be taken in its literal meaning rather it helps buttress a point. 7. You are on your own o. Thanks for the wonderful work. Meaning: Prolonged endurance is what yields elderly maturity. 2. Who wouldn’t know it is the witch who is responsible for the child’s death, Meaning: There was a threat yesterday and a tragedy struck today, who wouldn’t know it is the one who threatened to strike yesterday that is responsible for the tragedy, Proverb: Bí kò fę ju ìpàkó, ęşin tí ó ngùn á ję kojū. Even though most of them came to existence long ago, they are still applicable in the modern world. It could also a message expressing rejection or acceptance of an offer, or expressing disapproval of someone’s action and so on. It is a pluricentric language spoken principally in Benin and Nigeria, with communities in other parts of Africa, the Americas, and Europe. We hope to bring you more over time. Maybe the headline shouldn’t have “100” since it’s not actually up to hundred. Therefore, if an hunter is lucky to have seen a Buffalo, it is best of he is careful in shooting it and hits once, because if he misses it, chances are the Buffalo will escape for good, Meaning: This proverb is often used when advising a person who is about to make a decision to be careful and make the right one. The message could be a warning or information. He has lips like a drum. Usage: this proverb is used as a warning for a powerful leader who exploits his subjects without minding the consequences. Literal Translation: One does not see a thing and then say one does not see it. It is customary for litigants in Yoruba courts to state their cases on their knees. It is wiser to be patient in any situation and find a well thought out plan than to hastily make decisions and accept ill conceived solutions, Proverb: Bí a bá ro dídùn ifọ̀n á ó ọ’ra déegun, Translation: If a person thinks of the pleasure gotten while having an itch on the body he or she is likely to keep scratching out the skin till it gets to the bone, Meaning: There are limits and boundaries to everything in life and it is important one bears this in mind so as to avoid calamities’, Translation: One is not chanced to shoot a Buffalo twice.

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